Strawberrypear Cactus Fruit

The Strawberry Pear Cactus Fruit

Often more commonly called the Dragon Fruit, the delectable and nutritious strawberrypear fruit is the fruit of the vine like strawberrypear cactus. The strawberrypear cactus blooms only at night with beautiful huge fragrant blooms. Pollination of the cactus plant blooms is by nocturnal creatures such as moths and bats rather than the more common pollinators of the day such as bees. Since the strawberrypear cactus only comes to a productive fruiting after a successful pollination has taken place - even self pollinating strawberrypear plants can fail to create strawberrypear fruits when they don't get the help of these nocturnal creatures to enable them to pollinate properly during the night.

Wherever may live, you will likely find that the strawberrypear fruit name is interchangeable with Dragon Fruit or also Pitaya Fruit (also Pitajaya and Pitahaya). Dragonfruit is probably the most common name for strawberrypear, but pitahaya and pitaya are both common as well in English speaking countries. The fact that you are here means that you know it by the strawberrypear name!

Growing strawberrypear cactus plants commercially is common in places like Thailand and Vietnam where the climate is right for growing strawberrypear cactus plants successfully to fruit. There are three commonly cultivated varieties of strawberrypear cactus plants and each has a different variation on the fruit, strawberrypear fruit with red flesh and red skin, strawberrypear fruit with yellow skin and white flesh, and strawberrypear fruit with red skin and white flesh. All fruit varieties have the flesh or strawberrypear pulp filled with lots of tiny black seeds which are edible with the fruit and add extra nutritional benefits of strawberrypear.

Strawberrypear nutrition benefits make it popular all over the world. The health benefits of strawberrypear fruit are many and varied, including strawberrypear health benefits helping to lower blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetes. Strawberrypear vitamin C and dietary fiber are both positive nutritional benefits of strawberrypear among others. The amount of vitamin C in strawberrypear fruit is substantial, and you can see up to 10 times the amount of vitamin C in strawberrypear fruit which has been dried vs. the fresh strawberrypear fruit. Of course the dried strawberrypear fruit nutrients are much more dense than in the fresh fruit!

The dragonfruit pages at will introduce you to all aspects of the dragonfruit including health benefits of dragonfruit and where to buy dragonfruit and tips on how to grow dragonfruit cactus (growing dragonfruit cactus can be very rewarding). You can also learn how to eat dragonfruit both dried dragonfruit and fresh dragonfruit.

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